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Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball

Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball

Frequently asked questions about PWGFS

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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When will the 2022 season take place?
The pitching program is underway, and winter clinics begin soon. The spring season runs from March through June. The Fall season typically takes place in late August, September and October, following summer all-stars and clinics.

What are the need-to-know dates for early 2022?
Open now: Registration for the spring season and upcoming clinics
Feb. 20 and March 6: Hitting & fielding clinics for 8U through 10U players
Feb. 27 and March 13
Hitting & fielding clinics for 12U through 16U players
March 26: Skills assessment
March 27: Draft day (Players should hear from coaches and meet their teams in the week following)
April 19: Games begin
April 23:
Opening ceremonies for PWGFS's 35th Anniversary Season
June 11:
Championship Saturday

Which safety precautions will be in place?
To be determined, but PWGFS mostly follows state and county guidelines. They would take into account the current science and situation and probably would not be as extensive as the plan to mitigate the risks presented by coronavirus that was in place most of the 2020 season.

When is Skills Assessment?
It will be on the fourth Saturday in March, likely held outdoors at Andrew Leitch Park. In the Fall, there is no skills assessment or draft, since most players remain with their Spring teams, and new players are assigned randomly.

How does the draft work?
Everything you could ever want to know about our draft procedures is listed here.

How can I get the most up-to-date information about PWGFS?
We are online at either or, but updates to the website are generally slower than following us by social media. The league communicates by email using the address provided during registration.

Your team's coach will determine a method of communication for game and practice times, scores or statistics, and last-minute changes. For coaches, there are team pages available on under "Team Central." You do not need to pay for a third-party site, but you are free to use what you wish. Reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] for information on how to claim your team page.

Players, former players and adults can follow the league ...
... On Instagram, at @PWGFSoftball. (This is primarly used for photos)
... On Twitter, at @PWGFSoftball. (This is primarily used for reminders and last-minute changes)
... On Facebook, at (This is for league updates, photos and the occasional meme)

How much does it cost to play?

For the 2021 Spring season, it is $110 for 8U players, $145 for 10U or 12U, and $165 for 14U/16U. Fall is considered a separate season, but you can register for both at the same time. There is a $25 discount for registering early, and an additional discount for registering more than one child.

Winter clinics cost $30 per session. We appreciate advance registration but accept walk-up payments in cash.

What if I can't afford this?
Please inquire about the Lacy Scholarship Fund by emailing [email protected]

How is the quality of play?
It's solid. Travel teams hand-select their players and schools have roster cutdowns, but PWGFS accepts everyone and teaches them the game. That means teams and age groups will feature players at all levels of skill development. Some of the county's best athletes have history in PWGFS, and our players regularly go on to play in travel, high school and beyond. If that's your goal, we can help. If it's not, or you're not sure, we'll treat your goals and your family with equal care and respect.

Will you take sign-ups after skills assessment and the draft?
Yes, but the drawback is players are then randomly assigned to teams based on roster needs, and your daughter might get assigned to a team that has already become acquainted and begun practicing. If rosters are full, it's possible players might be waitlisted until there are enough to add another team to that age division. Your best bet will always be to sign up early, and we appreciate it because it helps us recruit the proper number of coaches and team helpers.

What equipment will my daughter need?
She will need a helmet with mask, plus a glove and bat. Jerseys and socks are included in the league fee; game pants are not. Cleats are recommended but not required; they must be molded on the bottom, not metal. Batting gloves and other accessories are optional. Pitchers must wear a facemask when on the mound, and masks are recommended for infielders as well. Catchers generally bring their own equipment, although the league has catchers' gear for use. Sharing equipment will not be allowed during the 2020 or 2021 seasons. Please consult your coach or a board member if you have questions about which sizes or styles to buy. Please consult a board member if you cannot afford these items. We do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to play because of a lack of equipment. We can help.

What age does she have to be to play?
PWGFS will run four divisions in 2021: 8-and-under (more commonly referred to as 8U) for girls 5-8, 10U for 9- and 10-year-olds, 12U for 11- and 12-year-olds, and 16U for 13- and 14-year-olds who would be considered 14U as well as 15- and 16-year-olds. We were unable to assemble one team of 18U players who aren't playing on high school varsity teams to play in a Northern Virginia-based league.  Each division features rules appropriate for the age group, taking player safety and skill development into account.

Which age group does my daughter belong in?
We consider her age on Jan. 1, 2022 her age for the entire year. So if a player is 12 on Jan. 1 and turns 13 in February, she is eligible for 12 & Under (12U) in both the Spring and Fall season.

Can my daughter play in a different age group?
Possibly, but there are no guarantees. Players will be evaluated to "play up" during skills assessment, but whether requests are granted are based on both ability and the needs of the rosters in respective age groups. More details on our draft procedures page.

Do I have to live in Dale City, Woodbridge or Dumfries to play?
No. Players from Manassas, Stafford County, Fairfax County and elsewhere are eligible. Games are played at Andrew Leitch Park and Ali Krieger Sports Complex, so if you think you can get to midweek games on time, you are welcome to register.

I played previously in a different league. Does PWGFS have a spot for me?
Yes. Whether your previous experience was travel ball, another fast-pitch recreational league, slow-pitch, in school, or you have no experience at all, PWGFS has a team for you and a coach that will adjust appropriately to your skill level.

Do you offer development opportunities outside of the regular season?
Yes, there are winter and summer clinics focused on fielding, hitting, pitching and catching. There are also all-star opportunities in the summer in some age groups, as PWGFS will enter teams in tournaments and provide a taste of the travel experience to recreational league players. PWGFS longtimers are also connected with travel programs, the network of school teams and individual pitching coaches, so ask your team's coach or a board member for more information.

I did not make my high school team. Does PWGFS have a spot for me?

I did not make my middle school team. Does PWGFS have a spot for me?
Probably. In the Spring, PWGFS skills assessment and draft takes place before PWCS middle school tryouts however, so we'd recommend signing up early to ensure a spot. Once the teams are created and rosters are filled, late sign-ups might be added to a waiting list. If you wait to see if you make the school team first, PWGFS can't guarantee you a spot, but will happily provide one if there are rosters that need more players.

I did make my middle school team. Can I play both?
Yes. PWCS middle school games are generally on weekdays at 4:45, and PWGFS games and practices are generally on weekends, or on weeknights starting at 6, 7 or 8. Players can realistically do both, but they should factor in homework as well. If they can do it the night before or during school hours on dual game nights, it helps.

What is the relationship between PWGFS and travel softball?
Several PWGFS board members have extensive experience as travel coaches, parents, or both. PWGFS is not affiliated with any particular travel outfit, but if your goal is to play travel someday, PWGFS can help you get there. Likewise, if you've played travel and want to return to PWGFS, or want to play both concurrently, you are welcome.

Travel softball requires a serious financial and time commitment. PWGFS costs less than $200 per season to play, and generally takes up a few weeknights and a Saturday each week during the Spring and Fall, and could be a cost-effective alternative, depending on what your priorities are.

I would like to take a break from travel softball. Does PWGFS have a spot for me?

Can I sign up for the Fall season when I join for the Spring?
Yes. Ask the registrar how.

How do I become a coach in PWGFS?
Send an email to [email protected] to indiciate interest, or check the appropriate box when registering a player. All PWGFS coaches must pass a background check and complete training through USA Softball, as well as submit an application to the PWGFS board.

What are the requirements for PWGFS volunteers?
Volunteers for non-coaching positions (concessions, field work, etc.) do not require background checks, just a desire to assist in the success of PWGFS. Student volunteer hours are attainable as well; please reach out to [email protected] for details.

How do I become an umpire?
PWGFS uses a third party for its umpires, but we'll be glad to connect you with them so you can get the proper training to call games. Email [email protected] for more information.

How do I sponsor a team or the league?
Please email [email protected] for the most up-to-date information on what it takes, and what you receive in return.

Does PWGFS tolerate umpire abuse?

Absolutely not.

When did the 2021 season take place?
We ran winter clinics and had an on-time start to a Spring season running from March through June, following 2020 with a Fall season only. The Fall season took place in late August, September and October, following summer all-stars and clinics.

What were the need-to-know dates for the latter half of 2021?
Open through July 31: Fall registration
July 10-11: 16U Alliance summer team first tournament
July 12-17: 
Summer hitting & fielding clinic for 8U through 10U players
July 19-24:
 Summer hitting & fielding clinic for 12U through 16U players
Aug. 8: Practices began
Aug. 22: Games began
Oct. 23: Championship Saturday 

I have a question that isn't listed here that needs answering.
Send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, though email is the most reliable way to get an answer. Board member email addresses are also on this website, which might be helpful for specific questions about sponsorships, league fees, registration and more.

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