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Insight from the league scheduler

March 28, 2022

Welcome back to another season! I know you are all eager to get your schedules. I am hoping to have practice schedules from April 1 to April 18 posted this evening. I need to check on a couple of things before I can finalize it. Game schedules should be ready to posted in the next week.

Practices start on April 1. Games will begin on April 18 and Opening Day is April 23. Playoffs begin June 13 and Championships are June 18.

While practices do not officially start until April 1, I do have fields available this week.  If you would like a field for use prior to April 1, send me an email and I will get you a field for this week.

Practice and game times
In order to get more practice times for teams, we will have a practice at Leitch three days a week from 5-6:45 PM.  The games following those practices will start at 7:15 to give time for field prep.  The other two days of the week two games will be played.  One day will be 8U with a game time of 5:30-6:45 PM and another game following 7:15-8:55.  The other day will be on Friday.  The early game will be 6-7:40 (10U) and either 12U or 16U for the late game from 8:00-9:40.  We chose Friday for the late game as there is no school the next day.

Playoffs will be the week of June 13 with the Championship games being played on June 18.  I will send that out to you as soon as I have it finalized.  Divisions with three teams will only have one playoff game.  The team in first place will automatically advance to the championship game.  We are working on a schedule for the divisions with five teams. Since 8U does not keep score, there will be a hat pick to determine positions for playoffs and championship.

I have the following fields for the Spring Season:
Dale City Recreation Center, Fields 1 and 2 (Friday)
American Legion Field (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9-11)
Belmont Elementary School (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Ali Krieger Sports Complex (Saturday)
Andrew Leitch Park (Sunday through Saturday)

Games will be played on the following fields:
Leitch: Monday through Saturday
Krieger: Saturday
Dale City Rec: Friday 

Rain lines are updated at 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Saturday and Sunday they are updated at 7 a.m. and Noon.  Please be sure to check the rain lines, which can be found here.

American Legion Field and Belmont Elementary
American Legion Field and Belmont Elementary do not have lights. Those fields will have early practice times. As the sun starts staying out later and later, we can adjust the practice time to a later time.

Lights are automatic at Krieger and Leitch.  They are scheduled to turn on at sunset and turn off at 9:00 p.m. on practice days (9:30 on Saturday practices) and at 9:45 on game days.  Please text me at 703-980-3758 if you finish early so I can turn off the lights early and save some money on the electric bill.  Please be sure everyone is off the field before you text me.  I will turn them off as soon as I see the message. If you need an extension on the lights, please text me at least 20 minutes in advance.  You can also call me.  This ensures I have enough time to get the message and change the light timing.  Once they go off, it takes at least 30 minutes to get them back on.

Lights at Dale City Rec are manual. The keys to the light box are in the equipment box by field 2. There is only one master switch for lights at both fields. So be sure the other field is ready for lights to go off before you turn them off. You will need to turn those lights on and off manually.  It is very dark at these fields, so be sure you are ready for the lights to go off. 

The home team is responsible for reporting scores to me. They should be submitted within 24 hours of game completion. Email them to [email protected]  Please check the scores throughout the season to be sure no mistakes are made.  It's easy to accidentally put the score in incorrectly and we need catch those mistakes as soon as we can.

The away team needs to provide volunteers to run the concessions at Leitch.  Heather, our concessions commissioner, will be sending an email with instructions for concessions.

Field prep
The home team is responsible for setting up the field for play, putting away bases at the end of the night, and ensuring the boxes are locked.

Who do you email with questions/concerns?

Anything related to schedules/score/umpires comes to me. 

Anything else, you can see who to email by checking out the list of board members.  If you're unsure who to email, send it to your division commissioner and they will get it to the right person.

Have great season! Hit hard and run fast!

Lee Anne Garland
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